Our commitment:-

1. We will follow guidelines

Guidelines are changing regularly.  This is only high level info on our website; if in doubt please refer to govt guidelines.

2. We will keep in touch about your booking

We will keep in touch with you about your booking in case government advice / guidelines / best practice for holiday accommodation changes.

3. We have implemented double cleaning routines.

When you enter Flax Mill, be assured that the last housekeeper in there will have not only cleaned, but sanitised with professional products, with special emphasis on high touch surfaces.

4. The Flax Mill “experience”

This usually involves a full induction in person and the property normally has lots of decorative touches which guests appreciate.  Best practice is to not have a physical induction and to remove unnecessary items, even if they looked pretty.  Good news: we will be on the end of the phone whenever you call with queries, however small; don’t hesitate to ask.

5. The Flax Mill information folders are removed to reduce “ touch “ risks

So we will help additionally with email and phone queries during your stay.

6. Used linen, towels and bedding

We have to ask you to strip beds after your stay and we provide details on your departure checklist and within Flax Mill about what to do with all linen.  This is to protect our housekeeping team.

7. Information about the area

We have removed a lot of the leaflets to reduce touch risk.  Also, local Attractions are not operating normally. We hope you have devices and can Google and look on line for places of interest. Also , just ring us if you have a query about local places.

8. Some of us may be in the next door cottage briefly during your stay

We can give you Socially distanced support if you have needs during your stay, when we’re around.

9 We are working on the basis that all our guests will operate within government guidelines and act responsibly

Some of our Flax Mill near-neighbours are in the shielding category and the village community is vigilant about visitors who they think are crossing acceptable boundaries.

10 Finally : Enjoy your stay!

We normally ask you for your invaluable feedback on how your stay went. Physical forms are now not recommended.  We will turn this into an online or postal system and would really, really appreciate your taking the time to respond on how your stay went. Please do not leave serious concerns until after you’ve left.  Remember, we’re at the end of the phone or email throughout your stay.

We rely on you to let us know about any COVID-19 related hazards you have spotted during your stay, to enable us to take precautions for our next guests. Please alert us to anything you think may be a potential hazard – whatever it might be. Together, we can take the relevant precautions. We trust you too have told us about your party and that you are complying with Govt. guidelines and rules. If we suspect you have not done so, we may ask you questions, to put our minds at rest.


If you or any party member displays Covid-type symptoms (even if undiagnosed) please advise us straight away.  This will affect our end-of-stay procedures. We will need to take extra precautions as you vacate and warn our contractors. This is not a problem, but we need to know, to keep everyone safe. Please follow government guidance as regards getting your party-member to a suitable place where they can isolate or be cared for.

Our preparation regime: we are using bleach and anti-bacterial products for double cleaning of all in-reach surfaces. This means we’ve had to remove books, games and our usual decorative ornaments and some additional but non-essential equipment. This is not our normal approach, as we love to provide those little additional homely and helpful touches. Please understand this is for your safety and that of our contractors.

Sanitising facilities during your stay: we have left for your use a supply of sanitising wipes in the utility room by the back door of the property. Ample supplies of anti-bacterial handwash are supplied. We would ask you to try so far as possible to limit touching of areas that are typically out of reach so that our cleaning regime can be limited to areas within reach, once you have left the property.